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Over $2 million awarded.
Hwy 68-80 Heritage Corridor – Wrote and received a grant for Metcalfe County involving 24 communities to develop a website, 4-color brochure and signage along the entire historic 400 mile corridor. National Scenic Byway funds have been awarded to develop a corridor managment plan.

Statewide Agritourism Grant – Wrote and submitted USDA grant on behalf of the Agritourism Advisory Council to provide support for the Office of Agritourism and expand initiative. Received grant for $293,000

Statewide Agritourism Three-Year Pilot Program Grant
– Wrote and submitted an Ag Development Grant originally for $2.6 million to establish the Office of Agritourism under the auspices of the Department of Ag and Commerce Cabinet. Department of Ag received $400,000 grant.

Fort Heiman Civil War Site – Wrote and received $1 Million in grants for Calloway Co.
  • TEA-21 Grant awarded for $600,000 for land acquisition.
  • Land & Water Grant awarded $75,000 for land acquisition.
  • Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation grant awarded $125,000 with additional funds awarded bringing the total to $335,000.
Heritage Welcome Center – TEA-21 grant proposal written for Park City. Awarded $550,000 to assist with infrastructure.

U.S. Highway 31E Heritage Corridor – TEA-21 grant proposal written for LaRue County which involved 14 communities. Awarded $60,000. Match provided by communities and partnerships. Phase 1 of project now completed. Second grant written and submitted.

U.S. Highway 31W Heritage Corridor – TEA-21 grant proposal written for Simpson County which involved 12 communities. Awarded $50,000 and match provided by communities and partnerships. Phase 1 of project completed.

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