Agritourism in Kentucky
This initiative has served as a prototype for other states and the website won a Kentucky Tourism Traverse Award for Excellence
in Marketing.
  • 282 businesses listed on the Kentucky Agritourism website representing 88 counties across the State.
  • Over 100 websites created for individual businesses in 73 counties.
  • An extensive website that includes maps, upcoming events, training opportunities, grant information and loans.
  • WMTH team member wrote a grant for $400,000 which is currently funding the Kentucky Office of Agritourism (an interagency between the Deparmtents of Agriculture and Tourism).
  • WMTH team member also wrote a $293,000 USDA grant which is funding the Statewide Agritourism Advisory Council initiatives.
  • WMTH Team members represented the State of Kentucky at the 2004 Kentucky State Fair by setting up and helping man the booth, educating the public on agritourism and the benefits to Kentucky's farmers. Over 1000 photos were taken of those stopping at the booth and were made available for download on the website.
  • WMTH Team Members also participated in the Pride of Kentucky "Fun on the Farm" event in September of 2004 featuring over 50 booths and had over 600 people in attendance.